Saturday, February 26, 2011

And Feudalism for Everyone Else

The Rich v Them war is well under way in the US.

One thing that bothers me most is when some democratic right is being taken away.  The Wisconsin revolt is about as clear as it can be.  The rich are out to take away the rights of the little people and steal as much public property as they can.  It’s more than pushing back against the abuses of the unions, it is about taking away the right for collective bargaining (and steal some public land on the side).

Currently, anyone can bargain collectively, with or without unions.  We have the right for free assembly in this country.  Now the rich are out to take this away from all of us.  I say Screw Them.

Wisconsin started the process of denying this democratic right, here.  Basically, they are trying to allow a power grab to take place.  Krugman, for once, gets it right.  It’s about taking away rights from the little people, here & here, and giving more power and capital assets to the wealthy class.

The Koch brothers, billionaires, partially funded the Wisconsin governor’s election; they think they are buying democracy.  They also think that they are under attack and so will fight to the bitter end for their rights (to screw everyone else) here & here.  Screaming “rights for me but none for you” is a standard redneck behavior.  Not all rednecks live in trailers.  Trash with cash is still trash. 

Victor Davis Hanson, the faux democrat, tries to re focus the debate on the abuses of the unions.  They have over done it, he says.  Well, yes they have.  That does not mean doing away with unions. It means forcing them to compromise on pay and benefits.  If we do away with the right for collective bargaining then what is next?  Doing away with class action law suits?  Are they going to stop protest marches?

If they can, they will.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, they are striking at abortion by passing legislation that increases the rules and standards that abortion clinics must abide by.  It’s still legal there but the new regulations will force most clinics to close as they likely won’t be able to comply.

The conservatives don’t mind passing heavy handed laws when it achieves their goals.  I assume that if a daughter or wife of a billionaire got an abortion it would be done at home under the most pristine of conditions without any rules hindering the social engineering of their genetic line.

My father has long believed that his mother died due to complications arising from a back alley abortion.  Like it or not, legal or not, women will continue to have abortions.  It is best that a doctor does it with modern technology under sterile conditions rather than some schmuck with a rusty clothes hangar.  I hope that the clinics in VA will be able to adapt and comply.

When the capitalists capture all the politicians, here, so that they can hide their crimes and rule by proxy, we have oligarchy.  When they also steal our homes and public lands, here, we have feudalism.  Take away our right to free assembly, they believe they can live in their big houses and not worry about the growing unrest.  Hire a few more thugs and guard the gate. Let there be no rules for the leadership class; let there be lots of rules for the peasants.

In America, the capitalists are doing their best to recreate all the unfair conditions that Marx once wrote about.  When the peasants get tired of escapism via their computers and idol shows, will they, naturally and 'freely,' assemble at the gates of the Big Houses?

I suspect they will.  Stay tuned in for the next American Revolution.

Until then enjoy some political satire.  In this scene, no one lives in the Big House.

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