Monday, July 15, 2013

A New Low for American Journalism

The world of sports journalism is all a glow about a poor throw from a celebrity.  On Sunday singer Carley Rae Jepson tossed out a poor pitch to start the Tampa Bay baseball game.  It was a flop.

Okay, it was a bad pitch.  But do talking heads have to rate it the worst first pitch ever?

See here

and many others.

My point is:  When this type of stuff is big news then you know that American culture is at a very real low.  It represents very well the baseness of our society; our culture is in the midst of an long cultural winter.  It is vacuous and empty.

In better days we would just say it was a bad pitch or a blooper and move on.  But no, today, we have to demean and tear down someone.  Throw her to the wolves.

This is another example of the lack of grace in our culture.

With this event we can clearly say that American journalism is at its lowest level of usefulness.  Is there any reason to give these leaches more of our time?

 No and hell no.

Carly, go make another hit single and tell the journalists to stick it where the sun dosen't shine.  (How's that for graceful?)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bison Bison

My recent trip to Yellowstone NP was great.  It was full of encounters with bison, aka buffalo.  In the Lamar Valley a large herd was moving across the road and we had to wait along time to get through.  At one point a large bull walked in front of our car and he was much bigger than the car. They look at you with their dark eyes.  What can they be thinking?

Many calves were seen, so there must have been a good baby boom.  Glad that the herds are healthy.

 By my cabin at Canyon Village. He owns this place.

That red car is my daughter's.  We are hungry and I need coffee. We wait to leave the cabin until he moves along.

 This one walks through Roaring Mt thermal area.  Not afraid of the soft soils & boiling water.

You see me.  I see you too.

Time for a wallow. Ahh, that was nice.

You smell funny, what are you?

I'm still not sure of what you are.

Young buff enjoying the sunset.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Yellowstone in June

I was in Yellowstone NP for a long weekend the last days of June.  My daughter is working there again this season, at Canyon Village.  The trip was short and we had car problems that took us to Bozeman  more than we wanted, but it worked out OK.

We got to see most of the famous sights and some of the off the usual track sites. We even went down to Colter Bay in Grand Teton NP.

For wildlife we saw the usual round of bison, deer, elk, an eagle's nest with chicks, black bear, a glimpse of a wolf but no griz or moose.

They also had an out break of norovirus when I was there but we seemed to have missed it.  However, upon return home, I was nailed with another stomach bug that had me running to the restroom all day on the 4th. I don't think it was norovirus.

Here are some typical photos (if you click on the photo, it can be seen better):

Pelican Point


Layering of the Gods in Lamar Valley

Old Faithful

Black bears at the Specimen Tree

I'll do a separate blog on bison as I have many photos.