Sunday, March 6, 2011

Energy: An American Cartel?

With the Arab world in turmoil, OPEC is ready to be lit up:  the price of oil is going much higher, and, the chances that the cartel breaks up are high.  If the House of Saud goes into war then Americans have to assume that oil supply will likely be cut.  West Texas Crude could go to $147/barrel again or much higher.

And, as T Boone Pickens continues to argue, “We don’t have an energy plan” (here, at 5:40 into it, after an inane beginning), much less a clue about what to do.

Thus, I suspect we will do what we have already done, pick a fight for oil.

My point here is that if a status quo has to change then we should be planning the replacement.  Set up our own cartel with a few select friends and we control the price of oil. Otherwise its looks like we are the status quo that needs to go. 

We are an empire with significant needs.  Do we fight for our interests or do we remain suckers paying high prices and suck it up?

I know that polls show that most Americans think we should stay out of other nation’s business.  I find that to be mostly posturing.  Makes us feel good to say we respect the rights of others.  

When we get desperate at $5 or $6 gas, we will get greedy for foreign oil.  If we are not willing to get off the oil teat and stop driving our muscle cars, then the answer is pretty simple folks, we fight for resources.

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