Sunday, November 6, 2011

Occupy Wall Street as Mutualism

I’ve been watching the Occupy Wall Street movement; basically, I am in agreement with them.

Their newsletter web pages seem to be these

Much of the perspective given by the occupiers is that they are doing it socially.  The young Millienials that are the rank and file of this movement are collectivists.

Much of the anti-Occupy commentary seems to rely on the words communism and socialism; these old work horses of the far right are used to demonize anything collective. 

Obviously, today these words do not reek of Marxist political leanings.   As slurs, communism and socialism basically mean anti collectivism.   They have become ideas that oppose the myth of rugged individualism that a portion of our society tends to worship, as embodied in the likes of Herman Cain.

Here in the Northwest, the phrase Living Socially is common.  It is a bench mark phrase of our new post modern Dionysian culture. Living Socially is what the Occupiers are doing, even if some of their posters do evoke old fashioned communism. 

Don't be confused.  There is nothing Marxist about the Occupy movement because it is tied to older communal concepts such as mutual-ism and co-operatives, which, ironically, is where insurance began.

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