Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jaguar Comes Alive (Animism)

The automaker has released its newest commercial called “Alive.” 

From hereThe marketing will lock in on Jaguar's visceral connection with buyers, "positioning the brand as animate – seductive, emotional, unique, energetic and high-performance – while asking consumers, "How alive are you?" 

This is a wonderful metaphor because it strikes at the right hemisphere.  Yes, emotional and visceral-- typical 21st century romanticism.

I also liked the script where its says that machines are not human but the vehicle is alive.

In today’s romantic ethos machines are part of the natural world just like water, animals, and rocks. To talk about machines in this way is Animism, something so-called 'modern' Westerners are not supposed to have.  But here it is, full blown, in our faces.

Likewise, the automotive industry has long tried to get people to remain loyal to their products. You know, some people say they are Ford people, or GM people.  Branding is our new form of Totemism.

Romanticism is glorious.

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