Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bison Bison

My recent trip to Yellowstone NP was great.  It was full of encounters with bison, aka buffalo.  In the Lamar Valley a large herd was moving across the road and we had to wait along time to get through.  At one point a large bull walked in front of our car and he was much bigger than the car. They look at you with their dark eyes.  What can they be thinking?

Many calves were seen, so there must have been a good baby boom.  Glad that the herds are healthy.

 By my cabin at Canyon Village. He owns this place.

That red car is my daughter's.  We are hungry and I need coffee. We wait to leave the cabin until he moves along.

 This one walks through Roaring Mt thermal area.  Not afraid of the soft soils & boiling water.

You see me.  I see you too.

Time for a wallow. Ahh, that was nice.

You smell funny, what are you?

I'm still not sure of what you are.

Young buff enjoying the sunset.

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