Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Boomers are Still in Charge

So, don’t expect too much to change in DC.  Obama may be a Gen X, and many Boomers are retiring from working life, but don’t start thinking that they don’t control much of American culture. They do.

Let’s take a quick look at the numbers.

Political leadership is still mostly held by Boomers.  The 111th congress was (source):
63.77 percent Boomer
19.66 percent Silent
15.91 percent Gen X
.85 percent GI

Don't have numbers on the 112th congress but no significant demographic change occurred.

I spent the afternoon today going through company profile pages for the SP400, just for fun.

Of the 381 companies currently in the index (AMEX: ^MID), the CEOs (or the person mostly likely to be in change) break down as:

297 Boomers
65 Gen X
18 Silent
1 crusty old GI (the Tootsie Roll Company).

So, of our American midcap companies, 78 percent are run by Boomers, and most were in their 50s.

Strauss and Howe dates for generations.
No concern for cuspers and there were plenty that could be cuspers.
Some companies didn’t have CEOs so I used the person most likely to be in charge; also, some cos have chairmen who seem to hang on but I used the CEO.
I used Yahoo Finance & assumed info was correct and up to date.

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