Friday, January 28, 2011

The Crisis Escalates

Blogging has been slow due to my being under the weather and another professional writing obligation to finish.

I’ve been following the protests these last few weeks. Fascinating how fast change can come.  Yes, there is evidence for both gradual and punctuated evolutionary change.

First there was Tunisia.  It's Jasmine revolution is an Awakening.  The nation got its independence in 1957, and that started a cultural high. Now, we see the result of an awakening, where a grass roots rebellion overthrows a corrupt regime. I guess the next step in the analysis is to determine when the awakening began; the revolution is the end result.  They will now enter into an era of cultural conflict.

Today we have Egypt, Jordan and Albania.  The Arabic ones seem to be awakenings.  Next, maybe Syria and the Suez Canal

Meanwhile, our US capital markets are rebelling too, against the PPT (plunge protection team).

The crisis climax will be here sooner than you think.  Much food and water are needed.  Awakenings in North Africa will escalate the secular crises elsewhere.

Good luck.

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