Saturday, October 22, 2011

Split Brains are Not Normal

I have tried to avoid simplifying the relationship between brain and culture (see here).   It is all too easy to say the Apollonian is left-brain focused and the Dionysian is right-brain focused.   Unfortunately, we have these complicated issues broadcast to everyone in simple terms.   Here is an example

On the one had I am in favor of sharing the great results of science to everyone.   On the other hand, I can’t help but wonder “Why don’t they talk about whole complete normal brains?” instead of talking about the abnormal instances of split brains? 

So what if there are differences in the “two brains” by severing them?  Our goal is to understand the full complexity of the brain, not the unnatural instance of splitting one.

Brain hemisphere specialization is interesting but the brain likely functions different when its corpus callosum is intact rather than severed.   I question the results of 'hemisphere specialization' when a non normal brain is used as evidence.

Also, those who think that it’s best to have the left hemisphere over the right just reveal their biases, particularism and causality over holism and intuition.

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